We are not independent entities

It’s incredible how interconnected and interdependent we all are. Most of us living in the modern world rely on a massive number of people without even realising it. Take our drive to work as an example:

Firstly, our cars require a staggering number of people we’ve never met to design, build, transport and sell so it arrives on our drive. Then consider the processes of producing the raw materials needed for the car, or the history of the company that built it and how they only exist because of the efforts of others over the decades. Then there’s the fuel and the people needed for it to be mined, refined and delivered to the pump ready for our convenient purchase. The roads we drive on and the lights that control the traffic flow required different people with different skills. Even the job we’re driving to gives us funds and a reason to drive. Most aspects of our lives are like this. Just think about the computer, phone or tablet you’re reading this on. How many people were needed for that to be a part of your life?

The tangled web of connections could be seen as overwhelming or we could choose to see something quite beautiful. Ours is a life shared with others and we are not independent entities. In order to enjoy the life we have we rely on our relationships with a much larger network of people than we realise. Next time you’re stuck in traffic try looking around at the people stuck with you and wonder just how many of them share a connection with you.

Our lives are interconnected and interdependent. We are all in this together.

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