Discover the confident driver within you


Learn the skills and techniques you need to increase your confidence when learning to drive, taking the practical driving test or setting out as a new driver. Whatever stage you’re at, whatever challenge you need to overcome, we can show you how to be the best driver you can be.


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“As an initially very anxious learner driver, Mark was the perfect instructor for helping me to overcome my fears around driving. When I began learning with Mark, I was always incredibly nervous before lessons – mainly based on my core belief that I would never be able to drive, and also having had a mediocre experience with previous driving lessons. Mark’s calm, mindful, coaching approach, encouraging me to be in the moment and enjoy driving as an activity in itself, allowed me to gradually increase my confidence on the road and my overall relationship with driving. I am now at a stage where I not only feel confident about my driving ability, I also really enjoy driving – something which I never thought I would be able to say.”

– Holly

Not a normal driving lesson

We specialise in the safe integration of mindfulness with driving, supporting all levels of drivers, helping them cope better under pressure and discover the confident driver within, something we believe we all have. Your driving lessons will blend traditional driver training with this mindfulness based approach, providing the perfect combination of learning a new skill and relaxing into the experience.

Maximise the effectiveness of your driving lessons

We’ll share with you ways to help you feel confident in controlling the car, even as a beginner with no experience, making it easier for you to learn the skills and information you need to pass your test and stay safe on the road.

Bristol Based but open to all

The majority of our learner lessons take place in Bristol, UK. However if this isn’t your area but you’re interested in our mindfulness based approach to driver training and need help with your driving challenges, then get in touch and we’ll try to help in any way we can.

Recent clients who passed their driving test

The benefits of a Mindfulness Based Approach to your driving lessons


✅  Experience less stress and build your confidence while driving

✅  Be more focused on driving lessons

✅  Be the best version of yourself behind the wheel

✅  Feel more relaxed and better prepared for your driving test

✅ Increase your chances of passing your driving test 1st time

✅  Be confident about driving on your own after you qualify

A Mindfulness Based Approach to driving can build your confidence and help you feel even more ready for your driving lessons, driving test, and the road beyond. Here’s what some of our clients thought about this way of learning to drive…