Meet the Trainer

Mark Coleman

Founder of Drivefully


“I have been a driver trainer since 2010, teaching learner and qualified drivers in and around Bristol’s busy city centre roads. During this time I have built a reputation as a specialist in anxiety and stress and have helped clients to develop a safe driving practice whilst learning to enjoy, and even love, driving.


I first came across Mindfulness back in 2005 whilst at University, but didn’t start using it in my lessons until I’d been teaching for several years. When I did it was because some of my learners were struggling with nerves and confidence and I know how much it has helped me to feel calm and peaceful in different situations.


Once I’d seen how effective sharing what I knew about mindfulness was, I decided to take some official training and qualify as a integrative mindfulness and compassion teacher with MindfulnessUK. The course helped me develop what I do and gave me new methods to really help people suffering with more severe anxiety symptoms. There’s nothing quite like helping someone shift their perspective and just watching the fear fall away.


I believe driving mindfully doesn’t just improve people’s outlook, it can actually transform driving into something more impactful. It can create a greater sense of well-being, both on and off the road. It is massively rewarding to see my clients achieve a more peaceful, confident and enjoyable drive, because I know that this will benefit them in far reaching ways.


With the addition of my DVSA Fleet Driver Trainer qualification I am able to help companies and their fleets of professional drivers access and benefit from the relatively untapped resource of mindfulness in this industry. In addition, I am also a Gold standard RoSPA Advanced Driver and Tutor, giving me the skill set needed to teach professional drivers advanced driving techniques.”

DVSA Approved Driving Instructor (Grade A)

DVSA Fleet Driver Trainer

RoSPA Group Driving Tutor

Integrative Mindfulness and Compassion Teacher

Mental Health First Aider

DVSA Driving Instructor
Mindfulness Teacher Coach
RoSPA Advanced Drivers

Group Driving Tutor

Mental Health First Aider
Federation of Small Businesses
Mindfulness Inspired Techniques

Using the principles of mindfulness, we have developed innovative techniques that safely incorporate mindfulness into driver training. Due to their flexibility they can be taught online or in the classroom, as well as in vehicle. These techniques help to bring more focus and concentration to driving, resulting in a safer, more confident driving style. This is an important step in laying the foundations for the Mindful Inquiry Process.

Mindful Inquiry Process

In the Mindful Inquiry Process the driver is invited to investigate their current mindset. You can then reflect on its impact on your driving through a guided discussion of topics relating to other road users, different driving situations and yourself as the driver. This aims to develop driver behaviour by connecting your core values with what you do in vehicle. It also helps you to reduce negative emotions, creating a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.

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Why use mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a tool that cultivates awareness and intentional actions and can be utilised in driver training. It can help you be fully present, undistracted and engaged with your environment, both physically and mentally. Also, it encourages you to take responsibility for your actions and act compassionately towards yourself and others on the road. Mindfulness can teach us how to respond to difficult situation in a calm, confident, considerate and safe manner.

What previous clients have achieved…

Here are some reductions experienced by a group of clients after just 5 weeks of implementing the techniques described above:

Fear of driving in heavy traffic dropped by0%

Finding driving difficult came down0%

Finding driving stressful dropped0%

And in one case, anxiety dropped by0%

“My anxiety has nearly completely disappeared all together, it’s a long way from what it was. I began this course worried at the thought of getting in my car… I was so anxious. Slowing down and being kind to others are sentiments I kept repeating to myself during these 5 weeks. I am very impressed with the difference it’s made. I thought anxiety would take longer to fix but this proves it doesn’t have to! 😃

– Nagea