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We’ll support you in achieving this by doing more than just developing your practical driving skills. Through the use of a mindfulness based approach to driver training you’ll learn how to stay calm and handle any situation safely.


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“I’m really pleased to say that on Sunday morning I went for my first solo drive… I’m not sure where all the anxiety and fear has gone”

– Judith

Three pathways to a better driving experience
Mindfulness Based Sessions

If you experience a strong fear response when you drive, or even when you just think about driving, then this pathway will help. Although we use a mindful approach to driver training in everything we do, this ½ day in car Mindfulness Based Session goes deeper, helping you connect with the calmer, more curious You that has always been there. Move past your fear of driving by letting go of unhelpful thinking patterns. Please note that as a mindfulness based session you will not be driving for the full half day (that would be way too tiring!) The session will be a healthy blend of driving, discussion and reflection to help you feel more grounded in the car.

Driver Skill Sessions

More akin to regular driving lessons, this pathway will help you identify and improve key areas of your driving. You will learn how to control the vehicle smoothly, building confidence and competence along the way, and be encouraged to take responsibility for the drive as soon as you feel you can. If you suffer from a strong fear response to driving but want to improve on your skillset as well, we recommend that you do the Mindfulness Based Session before moving onto Driver Skill Sessions. Your training will be more effective this way round.

Online Coaching

If your fear response to driving is so strong that you don’t even feel ready to get in the car, or if you would like to learn more about a mindfulness based approach to driving and get personalised support remotely, this pathway is for you. Tailored to your needs and challenges these one hour online video or phone call sessions will focus on teaching what a mindfulness based approach to driving actually is, how it can help you no matter your situation, and give you practical steps to let go of fear and worry, rediscovering the calm, curious and confident driver within.

Need help deciding which pathway to choose?
The benefits of a Mindfulness Based Approach to driving

“I can’t actually believe the monumental difference that a 3.5 hour session with Mark has had on my driving. I passed my test about 13 years ago but have driven very rarely since. Every drive I DID undertake made me increasingly fearful until I was experiencing a physical sense of fear every time I so much as thought about driving. I inherited a car about a month ago and knew that I was going to have to drive from Bristol to Cornwall for Christmas, with my six year old daughter in tow. This completely terrified me and is the reason that I contacted Mark. Mark’s understanding, kindness and fascinating techniques have made more of a difference to me than I could ever have hoped. I did the drive in two parts over the last two days and I actually quite enjoyed it…I honestly can’t believe I’m writing that. Mark – I can’t thank you enough.”

– Lizzy –

“Adding mindfulness to driving has been revolutionary! It’s helped me a conquer a massive fear, I no longer feel anxious before driving and am starting to get some freedom. Mark is great at helping you to feel in control and gets you to consider feelings and situations in a way that enables you to deal with them confidently and calmly. I can’t recommend Mindful Driver enough if you feel uneasy behind the wheel!”

– Helen –

Increase confidence

Get back out on the road, drive new places on your own and expand your world

Stay calm, happy and healthy

Feeling more relaxed behind the wheel cultivates contentment and compassion

Decrease stress

Less stress behind the wheel leads to a clearer outlook and better decision making

Build trust in yourself

Know that whatever happens when you’re out driving, you’ll handle it

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More than a regular driving lesson

We specialise in supporting those struggling with stress and fear whilst driving. Helping you cope better under pressure and even learning to love driving is what we’re about. Our programmes can be delivered effectively in car or online, giving you flexibility in how you learn. It depends on your requirements as to which pathway you choose, so book a call to discuss your options.

We can come to you

Although we are situated in the South West, we can travel to meet you for in car programmes anywhere in the UK. Please book a free coaching call to have a conversation with our trainer about what would work best for you.

I’m definitely a calmer driver and have been enjoying driving a lot more
- Debi C

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