Time can be a distraction to driving, and life…

When we drive we are quite often focused on our need to be somewhere at a certain time. However, what is time but a form of measurement, a way for us to record, plan and predict our reality. There is no time in nature, just the present moment that changes in accordance with a set of laws. Yet we put so much emphasise on the importance of ‘time’, a human concept, which we use to control our lives. Time is needed in this world and it does help us coordinate and get things done, but so often it becomes a distraction to life itself. Taking our drive to work as an example, if we know we are running late we may start to rush, drive too close to the person in front, speed or take gaps that we shouldn’t. Our focus on time and being late has distracted us from driving safely and may lead us to feeling stressed or having a collision. Any negativity we generate here will be carried with us throughout the day.

There is another way.

Through focused intention we can set off for work accepting that we will arrive at whatever time we arrive at. Once we have started the journey we have begun a chain of events, including traffic lights, busy junctions and queues, which will finally deposit us at our destination at a predestined time. Our journey will take as long as it takes. Acceptance of this and a more present moment orientated focus leaves us feeling calmer and more aware of our surroundings, preparing us better for the day ahead. Think of driving as a form of practice. Your drive to work can be a way of preparing yourself for the challenges of the day, and your drive home as a way of letting go of any negative situations you may have encountered so you are ready to embrace your family and friends with love rather than problems.

Time can be a distraction to driving, and life, but only if we choose to let it.

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