The Power of Accountability

Until recently my training car had sign writing on it with my name and number very clearly displayed. This meant that if I did anything that might be considered not right I would run the risk of getting a disgruntled phone call or possibly a bad review on social media from a member of the public, which as a driver trainer wouldn’t be great.

I enjoy following the rules of the road and get satisfaction out of driving correctly, so this has never been a problem. However, just recently I changed my car and at least for the meantime it has no signage on it, and I’ve noticed something…

I’ve started to feel a willingness to bend the rules.

Thankfully my want to abide by the law has countered this and I’ve kept myself in line. But this got me thinking. Although when I have signage on my car I am accountable to the general public because it is my job to teach good driving practices and therefore should personify them, not everyone has this same reason to stay in line. Is it this lack of accountability that leads drivers down a slippery slope, bending the rules until they break, resulting in a speeding ticket or something more severe? If drivers felt they were accountable not just to the police but every person they met on the road, would they be stricter with themselves?

Accountability is a powerful motivator, but we don’t have to rely on our accountability to others to keep us in check. After all, we are accountable to ourselves.

As humans we have a FREEDOM to choose what we say and do, but what we sometimes forget is we also have a RESPONSIBILITY for our actions. When freedom is exercised without responsibility then we invite negative situations into our lives and we can feel like the victim. But when the two are used together we realise a power inside of us and take ownership of our lives.

Make yourself accountable to yourself for the way you drive and how you respond to others and you will see a positive change in your ability to deal with difficult situations. Commit yourself to a higher standard of driving and you will experience an enjoyment you didn’t know existed. Set the intention now to be an example to others and to be kind with yourself.

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