One simple, effective way to reduce fear before you drive

If you’re feeling nervous about driving it is only natural to sit there and try and think your way out of it. We may try to logically explain away any fears, replace them with reasonable reasons why we shouldn’t be scared and then try and force ourselves to feel better about it. The problem is this doesn’t always work.

A more effective way to resolve fearful thinking is to just take our attention off it and place it on something soothing, something grounding. Something that is always there and easily accessible to us, like our breath.

Our breath is an ever present flowing system which constantly affords us the opportunity to shift attention away from unhelpful thinking patterns and onto its calming rhythm. It helps take us out of ‘Doing’ mode, the side of life where we plan routes, predict the future and remember the past (basically a lot of thinking), and places us in ‘Being’ mode, where we experience life as it is and as it unfolds.

I feel it’s important to mention here that I’m not saying ‘Doing’ mode is bad and we should avoid it. It is of course a really important part of life and is responsible for all the wonderful things we’ve achieved as a species. It’s just that we sometimes spend too much time there, ruminating on unhelpful and negative thoughts, which can leave us feeling overwhelmed, fatigued and stuck. By taking ourselves back to ‘Being’ mode it is like coming up for air (sometimes literally). It’s like taking a breath, giving ourselves a break, stepping back from the situation and taking a more objective look at things.

What to do…

So, next time you’re feeling it before you drive, all those thoughts whizzing round your head, take just a few minutes in a quiet place to follow your breath. It can help you relax and feel more connected to what is actually happening in front of you. Then, when a difficult situation arises on the road, which inevitably it will, you’ll be better prepared to handle it. This is because you’ll be coming from a place of clear headedness, where instead of reacting to what’s happening you are responding to it.

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If you’d like to know more about implementing this technique into your drive check out the learner and qualified driver programmes I run. Alternatively get in touch via email or book a free call with me to discuss what’s happening for you with your drive.

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