Love, support and giving are all truly important values

This time of year a lot of emphasis is put on good will to others. Sharing love with family and friends, supporting those less fortunate and giving what we can to charities. Love, support and giving are all truly important values and we, as a society, and as humankind, benefit greatly by applying these to our day-to-day lives throughout the year.

How can we live these values while driving? How do we show love to those drivers who don’t appear to care about others? It all comes down to our thoughts. If we watch our minds and notice our judgements of others as they come up we can distinguish between the thoughts that cultivate love and the ones that breed fear and hate. Once identified we can set the intention to CHOOSE which thoughts we want to engage with and feed, and through continued watering of that seed, love will grow and blossom. Make the conscious decision to think loving thoughts and you will feel love and act in love.

Through love, supporting and giving to others comes naturally. We become more forgiving of mistakes on the road and less condemning of speedy drivers. We give people more time to pull away at lights and help pedestrians trying to cross the road by hanging back. We give the car in front more space and help the car following closely behind by speeding up when it is safe to do so, all the time choosing to engage with loving, understanding thoughts.

Choosing to view every situation through a loving, supportive and giving lens doesn’t just help the people around us, but through these acts of good will we experience the love that we have shared.

As we give love, we receive love. As we receive love, we choose to do it again.

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