Honour the journey, not the destination

Every year the number of cars on the road increases. The roads get busier and life seems to get faster. We have become a culture of convenience and instant gratification, and would much rather be there instead of here. Have you noticed how the roads on a Friday afternoon are more stressful? We drive faster and are less tolerant of the mistakes of others. It’s that Friday feeling! “The week is over and I’m ready for the weekend, so out my way!” This attitude is not shared by all, but the stress it generates is contagious and we as humans are susceptible. Even when there is no need for us to rush, sometimes we get swept along with the flow and drive closer and closer to the car in front. We contribute to the spread without even realising it, but we don’t have to. We have a choice. We can choose to spread love and not fear. Peace and not chaos. Honour the journey, not the destination. See it as the reason for being in the car. Your journey is the primary goal, destination is secondary. Want to be in your car, in this moment. No matter the traffic, embrace it, don’t resist it. Acceptance of what is will bring you peace.

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